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Arctic Fleece

It has been a cold winter so far and my two horses at home Woody and Scout have had to wear their polar fleece hoods on numerous occasions. The past few years I have used some older polar fleece hoods when the temperature drops but after numerous wearings this season I went on the hunt for new hoods. Thanks to Robinhoods, I have been able to replace their old hoods with an upgraded version.

My older polar fleece hoods constantly acted like velcro picking up shavings and hay and generally looking like this:

The new Robinhoods Arctic Fleece hoods are made from a unique stretch fabric that is soft and fuzzy on the inside and smooth on the outside so you avoid the above scenario. They also feature a durable zipper and an elastic girth band that help keep the hood in place. My horses are warm and cozy in their new hoods and I can spend less time keeping them shavings-free.

Woody in his new Arctic Fleece hood: 

Arctic Fleece hoods are available online at