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Beauty and The Beast: Perfectly Groomed

A well-groomed horse is paramount to success in the show pen and well-groomed eyebrows on you are paramount to an overall polished look. This edition of Beauty and The Beast focuses on how to achieve both.

My sister-in-law (who is also makeup obsessed) introduced me to the Anastasia Beauty Express Kit for Brows and Eyes. And let me tell you, it is amazing! If you prefer to do your own eyebrows at home as opposed to getting them waxed (which I hate) then you must have this kit. It comes with 5 plastic eyebrow stencils, of varying arch heights and shapes, that you place over your eyebrows and then apply eyebrow wax and powder to the open area of the stencil. You pull the stencil away and tweeze everything that is not in the powdered area. Voila, perfectly groomed and arched eyebrows! It comes with great instructions and Sephora created a video showing exactly how it works. The kit is available online at Sephora.

Every show horse knows the pre-show clip routine of having their noses, eyes, ears, bridle path and legs trimmed. Over the years I have used a lot of clipper but now exclusively use cordless clippers because it's just easier to maneuver and clip without the cord getting in the way. When my old clipper finally kicked the bucket and wouldn't hold a charge I decided to buy Wahl's Moser Arco Clipper. It is super lightweight, 6 1/2 inches long making it easy to hold on to, and very quiet. It also comes with two re-chargeable batteries that seem to hold a charge forever. It is pretty powerful for it's size, it can easily take down a thick bridle path or fuzzy ears and legs, although I wouldn't use if for body clipping or booting up a whole leg. Plus, the blade and clipper always run cool so no worries about burning your horse or having to use Cool Lube. Available at SmartPak.

Woody (before he was retired) clipped and braided for a show: