Bridles & Baubles

Belt It Out

I saw this bit and scarf belt on Pinterest and knew I had to re-create this equestrian chic look. It's super easy and adds visual interest to everything from a long cardigan sweater to a crisp button-down tunic. Pair with jeans, breeches or leggings. Mix and match different colored, patterned and length of scarves to create different looks.

How To: All you need is a snaffle bit and a longer length scarf.

Step 1: Feed one end of the scarf thru one side of the bit and lay against your side.

Step 2: Wrap one end of the scarf around the front of your waist to your back and side and feed thru and around the second end of the bit.

Step 3: Pull the scarf back around your back and tie with the tail from the first fed thru section.

Finished Product:

You can really use any kind of snaffle bit, new or used. I used an Hermes D-Ring Snaffle that my husband brought back from a trip to NYC and have never been able to bring my self to use it and get it scratched up and dirty.