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Cold Therapy

I've recently stumbled upon a new must-have to add to your tack trunk. If you are a horse owner then you are familiar with cold therapy in the form of running cold water from the hose on your horses various sore, swollen or injured legs or back or whatever they choose to hurt that week. I swear many hours of my life have been spent standing in the wash rack with the hose running.

While nothing can truly replace the power of running cold water on various sore limbs, ColdFlex Vet Wraps can certainly aid in providing cold therapy to your horse. ColdFlex Vet Wraps are made of an exclusive formulation of gelled water, embedded into an elastic foam material that provides cooling compression. It delivers a cooling effect that can last for hours with no danger of tissue damage from excessive cold as with the application of ice. Use them straight out of their container or keep them in the fridge for a deeper cooling.

 My retired show gelding, Alias (27 years young) has laminitis and recently we changed him to therapeutic wood shoes which make him so much more comfortable but they can not get wet. He occasionally has laminitis flare-ups which were controlled by bute and running cold water on his feet but with the wood shoes I needed another way to cool his leg and thus the blood that goes to his feet. That's where my love affair with ColdFlex Wraps begins; I wrapped Alias' front legs everyday for 3 days during a really hot spell and laminitis flare-up and their deep penetrating cold therapy eased his pain while keeping his wood shoes dry. I then used them a few days later on a horse who had some swelling on a back leg. They really, truly work wonders! Available at