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February Love List

Well we made it to February and for you spring/summer lovers you are one step closer. February is a month of mother nature mood swings (arctic blasts followed by snatches of balmy days and wind, lots of wind), all things Valentine's Day related (cue hearts, roses, chocolates and cupid) as well as the start of show season for me (cue butterflies). Without further ado, my February Love List!

1. The Houndstooth Horse Valentine's Themed Polo Wraps

Nothing quite says love like these fun and colorful polo wraps. Your horse will love showing off these cushy wraps in cheerful shades of pink, white and red with heart themed embroidery. Get a pair for your horse and then share the love by giving your horsey friends and trainer a set. Don't forget to check out the super hero themed polo wraps, they are adorable! 

2. SmartCalm Pellets for Horses

My retired thoroughbred quarter horse gelding Woody turns into a wildabeest when temperatures drop and the wind blows. This normally mild-mannered gelding decides he is going to try and live up to his Secretariat lineage in the winter. In order to keep my calm and everyone else who works in the barn's calm we keep Woody on a scoop of SmartCalm pellets every day. It works wonders by just taking the edge off so he turns back into the lazy-hyper horse we know and love the rest of the year. SmartCalm Pellets offer a multifaceted approach to calming by providing 5,000 mg of magnesium, 550 mg of vitamin B1, and 2,000 mg of inositol (a B vitamin relative). I highly recommend it, if you have a nervous, hyper or inattentive horse! My husband even jokes he wants to feed me some too!

3. Klatch Coffee

My husband is a coffee addict, I mean connoisseur. I am always on the hunt for interesting coffees for him to try. I got him some Klatch Coffee for Christmas and he loved it! What's not to love, they have over 20 coffees that have rated 90 points or greater by the Coffee Review (which apparently is a really big deal) and they only use the top 1% of coffee beans from around the world. I am not a huge coffee fan but this stuff is quickly gaining my fandom. Each cup has a complex blend of flavors that taste amazing and when it is brewing the whole house smells like a local coffee bar. Treat yourself or the coffee lovers in your life with some Klatch Coffee (you can't go wrong with the Breakfast Blend, named the top Breakfast Blend by Coffee Review). Expensive but worth it!

4. Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Concentrate

A few sleepless nights, the hustle and bustle of the holidays and entering my 30's has brought a need for me to get serious about using an eye cream. With sensitive skin around my eyes I have always had to tread carefully when it comes to eye creams. I first tested this one when I got a sample from Sephora and immediately bought it after I saw results. It moisturizes, diminishes fine lines, eases dark circles, eliminates puffiness and illuminates. All without irritating the sensitive skin around my eyes, all moisture no sting! You can read online at Sephora all the technical info and ingredients that make up it's magic but take it from me, it works!

5. Lisa Eldridge Makeup Tutorials

I have become hooked on British makeup artist Lisa Eldridge's makeup tutorials. She has 20 years of experience working on major celebrities and models and her work has been seen in almost every fashion publication. Her tutorials are easy to follow and you can replicate all of her gorgeous makeup looks with her step by step instruction and the tools and products she uses. I am not alone in my adoration, she has over a million followers on YouTube and was recently named Lancome's Creative Director. If you want to up your makeup game or just pick up a few new looks check out her videos. has 5 great videos and you can also check out her YouTube Channel. I apologize in advance for the sheer number of products and brushes you will want to buy!