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Holiday Gift Guide For Your Horse

There are lots of holiday gift guides floating around the web and I decided to bring you one just for your horse, let's be honest they put up with a lot from us all year long and certainly deserve a few Christmas gifts! So, go ahead and spoil your horse this year!

Trade in your horse's old nylon halter for a fancy leather halter with a personalized name plate. Leather halters last forever and add a touch of old world charm. SmartPak Deluxe Triple Stitch Halter and Personalized Nameplate:

Keep your horse warm and cozy on cold winter nights with Horseware's Rambo Newmarket Fleece Blanket. I bought this blanket last year for my horse and I love it! It is soft, thick and durable. Can be worn alone or under a blanket on really cold days.

Provide your horse with hours of entertainment with a Likit Tongue Twister. The ball rotates when the horse licks it, giving him a taste of the flavored Likit inside. Don't forget to add the refills to his stocking, if your horse is anything like mine, he will go thru them quickly.

Without good feet you don't have much of a horse, take care of his most important feature with Platinum Performance Hoof Support. Platinum Hoof Support provides concentrated levels of highly bio-available Biotin, Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Cobalt, Methionine, and L-Lysine, all needed to keep your horses hooves healthy.

Keep your horse's hay off the ground in a Professional Choice Deluxe Hay Bag. It is super durable and available in stylish prints.

Protect your horse's back and make your rides more comfortable with a Fleeceworks Saddle Pad. Fleeceworks uses real sheepskin to eliminate pressure points and deliver thermal balance. It's thick, soft, durable and amazing!

Keep your horses legs well supportive and stylish with a pair of Classic Equine's super plush polo wraps, available in a wide variety of fun prints and patterns. These are by far my favorite polo wraps.

If your horse loves peppermints, treat him to a box of candy canes or an extra-large thick candy cane from infamous candy maker Hammond's. A sweet treat and breath freshener. 

Play your cards right this holiday season and you might just get a hug from your favorite furry companion.