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Mirror Mirror

The history of the Ray-Ban Aviator dates back to the 1930s, when new airplanes allowed people to fly higher and farther. Many US Army Air Service pilots were reporting that the glare from the sun was giving them headaches and altitude sickness. In 1929, US Army Air Corps Lieutenant General John MacCready asked Bausch & Lomb, a Rochester, New York-based medical equipment manufacturer, to create aviation sunglasses that would reduce the headaches and nausea experienced by pilots, which are caused by the intense blue and white hues of the sky. The prototype, created in 1936 and known as ‘Anti-Glare’, had plastic frames and green lenses that could cut out the glare without obscuring vision. The sunglasses were remodeled with a metal frame the following year and rebranded as the 'Ray-Ban Aviator'. On May 7, 1937, Bausch & Lomb took out the patent, and the Aviator was born.

Still to this day, the Ray Ban Aviator retains it's spot as not only a highly functional item but a timeless fashion accessory that looks equal parts stylish and badass on everyone who wears them. They look at home with jeans and a tee as well as an elegant summer dress. Slipping on a pair of aviators instantly adds glamour as well as imbibing the wearer with the confidence of fearless aviators of the past. This season Ray Ban has added brightly colored mirrored lenses to their original aviator style. In Easter egg, candy colors such as purple, pink, turquoise, green and orange, they make the perfect accessory for spring. I love the bright pop of colors that instantly flatter your skin tone and update a true classic. Available at Ray Ban and Sunglass Hut. The only problem is what color to pick?