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Vintage Resurrection

My sister-in-law recently discovered an amazing talent for re-finishing and re-painting furniture. Each piece she creates is a useable piece of art that breathes new life into older, dated or boring furniture. I recently had her work on a honey-colored wood, tall dresser that I used in college but now resides in my guest bedroom. I was inspired by a chevron pattern that she had used on a number of other pieces and decided on that pattern in a slightly distressed cream and tan combo. Needless to say, the finished product is stunning and instantly dresses up my guest bedroom. She was kind enough to take pictures along the way so I could show you the various steps involved. 

You can check out her work and/or contact her on her Facebook page, Vintage Resurrection

My dresser before:

Her first step was to remove all the drawers pulls and fill the holes in with wood putty. Then she used Simple Green and gave the dresser a good cleaning.

Step 2: Then the whole dresser was painted with CeCe Caldwell's Vintage White Paint. CeCe Caldwell's paint is non-toxic and self-priming, which essentially means it's awesome! Good for you and the environment as well as does not require you to strip the furniture beforehand, you just paint over it.

Step 3: The dresser was then taped off to form the chevron pattern and painted with the opposing color of Young Kansas Wheat.

Step 4: Tape was removed after the paint was dry and then moved to it's new home! I still need to add drawer pulls but for now I like the seamless look and may forgo the drawer pulls.

My dresser after: