Bridles & Baubles

Reiko Kaneko

I collect lipsticks and serveware (ie plates, mugs, platters, cups). Don't know why, but I am just drawn to unique pieces to add to my kitchen cabinets. I am currently coveting pretty much everything from British-Japanese designer Reiko Kaneko. 

Reiko Kaneko brings whimsy and modern styling to the stuffy world of fine bone china, creating unique pieces that will be instant conversation starters with dinner guests or make a fun gift. My obsession started with her lip tease mugs and then went to her drip tease mugs followed by sheer joy at discovering her adorable jumpy horse mug. Anyone who can use an equestrian theme this well gains my stamp of approval. Add a little whimsy to your kitchen at Reiko Kaneko.

Lipstick marks and drip stains are turned into a cheeky decorative feature:

Using the physical shape of the mug as a playground, the handles become part of the game to jump through and over.

I also love the Echo Dog Bowl with the dogs sweet nose peeking up from the bottom of the bowl.

Here is a sampling of all her amazing pieces: