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Romance Novel Hair

Have you ever wanted romance novel hair (thick, full, voluminous waves of curls cascading down your back)?

If the answer is yes or no, but you want a "perfect hair day" everyday then check out Philip B's Oud Royal Forever Shine Shampoo. It is the first-ever time-released shampoo for mega bounce and shine that keeps on giving. It contains time-released botanical hydrators, molecules tiny enough to pass through the fiber of your hair and moisturize each strand from the inside out. Just one use will make a remarkable difference in the overall look and feel of your hair. Think thicker, glossier and bouncier than ever before and the effect lasts for days. It's meant to work on curly and straight hair by taming frizz and defining curls as well as adding full volume to fine straight hair. 

This stuff really works! It made my fine straight hair full and bouncy allowing it to hold my blow out and curls all day and my hair just got better as the day went on. It has a rich, warm, woodsy Oud smell (smells like an exotic men's cologne, probably something the men above would wear) that took some getting used to at first but now I love the way it makes my hair smell and it lasts all day. This rich, thick liquid gold shampoo is expensive but so worth it! Buy a bottle and save it for special occasions or use it everyday as a special treat. You never know it might turn you into a romance novel heroine or at the very least give you her hair.