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Stay Spotless

I am a little old fashioned in regards to wearing white pants before Memorial Day. I just can't do it!! So, now that it is Memorial Day I can pull my white pants (primarily jeans) out of my closet and wear them with reckless abandon. Except for the fact that you have to constantly be careful the whole time you are wearing them to avoid spills, dirt or in my case dog paws. But, that has all changed thanks to Joe's Jeans brilliant Stay Spotless collection! 

This collection features an innovative wash treatment that repels spills no matter what surprises your day brings. It resists liquids such as coffee, wine, soda and melted chocolate ice cream, which are essentially wiped away with a napkin. It doesn't repel pigment based stains from lipstick, nail polish etc... This wash is available on a variety of white styles including a skinny jean, skinny ankle jean, denim skirt, shorts and trousers. And if you hurry and order today (Memorial Day) you get 30% off with the code HONOR. Available at Joe's Jeans.

After seeing the videos of these jeans repelling stains I began to wonder if there are any breeches that utilize stain fighting technology. As you know breeches take a beating and it is always hard work to keep them spotless before entering the show pen. After a little search online I discovered that Tredstep uses NanoSphere, a naturally self-cleaning finish that repels water, dirt, and oil to keep your breeches looking great and reduce the need for frequent washing. In their video they show ketchup, honey and coffee just being rinsed off with a spritz of water leaving no trace of the stain. This finish is available in their Tredstep Symphony No. 3 Rosa Front Zip Knee Patch breeches, which come in a variety of colors. Available at SmartPak (and if you order by Memorial Day you receive 15% off with code MEM14).

Tredstep has wonderful video on YouTube that shows these breeches repelling stains: click here.