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Get Naked

You can look great naked, with a little help from Urban Decay. Urban Decay's wildly popular Naked Eyeshadow Palettes certainly live up to the hype and are stripped down, must-have essential neutrals that you will wear everyday. 

The three original Naked palettes are each filled with 12 gorgeous eyeshadow neutrals, shades range from warm creams to dusky taupes to delicate champagne to gritty gunmetal.There are a variety of textures, including glitter, shimmer, and matte to ensure that you'll never get bored. Each palette has their own color range, making them all different but necessary. Unlike other eyeshadow palettes you won't find any wild colors (hello, hot pink doesn't look good on anyone), only true neutrals that can be the building blocks to your everyday look as well as a night-on-the town smokey eyes.

The original Naked Palette is full of bronze-hued neutrals and will become the true workhorse of your beauty arsenal.

Naked 2 is full of rich-taupe and gray-beige neutrals (slightly cooler colors). This is the palette I bought first and works well with my fair complexion. It is also perpetually sold out from time to time, but worth the wait.

Naked 3 is full of beautiful rose-hued neutrals and is perfect for creating fresh-faced spring looks.

The smaller, but still mighty, Naked Basics has six multipurpose matte neutrals that you will wear every single day. I got this for Christmas and have worn it literally every day since. Totally in love!!

Another thing that is so great about these palettes is that due to their insane popularity you can find tons of makeup tutorials online and on Pinterest, that will teach you exactly how to use the colors to create amazing looking eyes. Search "urban decay Naked tutorials" on Google and Pinterest. Here is a great site that compiled the 5 best video tutorials.

For the Naked Basic Palette:

Naked 1 Tutorial:

Naked 2 Tutorial:

Naked 3 Tutorial:

Luscious Locks

This has been a very cold winter and if the cold dry air outside and the warm dry air inside has left your hair a frizzy, dried-out mess (like mine), I have a few tried and true solutions that will bring back shine and softness. 

I am a huge fan of Moroccan Oil (I use it daily on my horses manes and tails) and if you have never tried this amazing smelling, super moisturizing oil then I suggest starting with it for you and your horse. My mare Scout gets dandruff in her mane and when it is too cold to wash and condition her mane I use Moroccan Oil on it to keep it in tip top shape. Did I mention that is smells amazing??

I also like to experiment with new products and ingredients and I think my hair does better when I switch it up. I am currently loving It's A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product and Drybar's 100 Proof Treatment Oil. 

It's A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product, which boasts 10 different benefits, eliminates frizz, restores shine with a few quick sprays, protects hair from heated styling products and prevents split ends. I spray it on my ends before blow-drying and it detangles my hair while leaving it super soft and shiny. It's way more than a 10!

I discovered the wonders of Drybar's 100 Proof Treatment Oil when I got it as a sample from Sephora. With fine hair I am always a little skeptical of oil treatments but this stuff is truly amazing. It is super light-weight and never weighed my hair down but instead cleared up split-ends and brought my dry, dull hair back to life. And it has light fresh scent that is intoxicating.

I have also been using Pantene's Advanced Keratin Repair Conditioner in the shower every morning and have immediately noticed a difference in my hair. It has actually begun to repair the damage I do to it on a daily basis with my blow dryer and curling iron. My hair is softer and bouncier than ever and really delivers intense moisture. I will definitely be adding this to the wash rack in the barn come spring to keep my horses tail soft and moisturized. Plus, it's inexpensive and really works!

On another, slightly related note. If this cold weather and the horse show off-season has you a little bored or restless in the barn, this is a great article on how to overcome that. It gives you great ideas on new goals and challenges you can work on that will keep you and your horse engaged while also strengthening your partnership. The Chronicle Of The Horse, Why Waste Winter?

Beauty and The Beast: Lift Off

I have fine, straight hair and I dream of having thick, voluminous, romance-novel hair, you know that sexy big hair that looks like you just had a delicious romp:

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Well needless to say, I have tried every volumizer product out there and have yet to find one that really works great, until now. They either give you lots of volume but leave your hair thick and sticky or give no volume while still leaving your hair feeling like overworked, dried out straw. 

Of course, thanks to Kerastase that is all in the past. Their newest volumizer, Kerastase Lift Vertige Root-Uplifting Gel, has high-tech polymers that create big (and I mean big), long-lasting volume that's silky - not stiff! This stuff is amazing! I applied a small amount along my crown and at the roots where I wanted volume, dried my hair with a round brush and voila, a full head of voluminous hair that was soft, shiny and long lasting. If you too have big hair dreams then rush out to the nearest salon that sells Kerastase or order online from their website kerastase-usa.

On the flip side, my show horse has coarse, thick hair that does not need anymore volume, but needs a thick moisturizer to help keep it shiny, smooth and healthy in order to promote growth and shine. In show horses we want long extra thick tails and short shiny manes and I use all kinds of lotions and potions to accomplish this (as well as a fake tail when I show). 

One of the recent products I have added into regular wash-rack rotation also comes from Kerastase. I discovered Masque Force Architecte when I tried a sample on my own hair and realized how amazing it would be for my horse. It smoothes, heals and protects hair while also preventing breakage and dry, split ends. It's super scientific technology recreates a holding structure around each breakage point and builds external cohesion and smooths the surface cuticle, making for a soft, strong mane and tail. Also available online at

Tyler's thick tail:

Beauty and The Beast ~ Smooth Skin & Shiny Haircoat

If the harsh winter has left your skin and your horse's coat dull, rough and dry then you will want to add my current favorite lotion to your beauty routine and a newly discovered shine spray to your horse's grooming routine.


For some reason this winter was tough on my skin and after trying what seemed like a million different lotions and potions, I actually found one that worked wonders turning my dry skin into is normal smooth, moisturized self. Used in combination CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion and CeraVe Moisturizing Cream instantly re-hydrated my parched skin. They provide all-day moisturization with a single application and are clinically proven to increase skin hydration. They also contain ceramides, naturally occurring components of the skin that play a key role in enhancing and restoring the skin's protective function. They are relatively scent free and sink in instantly leaving your skin soft and never greasy. Plus, they are relatively inexpensive and available at your local Target or drugstore.


Winter can also be tough on your horse's hair coat wether they stay in under lights and blankets or stay out and fur up. My horses's don't grow a winter coat so the shedding is minimal but after months of dry air and lack of baths they can lose a bit of their show sheen. I believe the best way to develop and maintain a healthy shine is to curry comb, brush with a stiff brush and then follow up with a moisturizing shine spray that is brushed in with a soft finishing brush (preferably horse hair). I recently tried a new finishing spray that yielded amazing results. Carr & Day & Martin's Dreamcoat Shine Spray produces a high gloss finish that is never greasy. This lightweight spray (with a light citrus scent) conditions the coat leaving it smooth and glossy. It also contains a no-slip formula that allows you to spray it where the saddles goes as well as be able to braid the mane and tail afterwards with no problems. Available online at Dover Saddlery.


My filly Scout and gelding Woody showing off their Dreamcoat shine:

Tickle Time Sunblock

With spring and summer on the horizon, the sun is getting stronger and hanging around longer and if you like me, tend to spend more time outside riding your horse then you will want to add Tickle Time Sunblock to your morning routine.

Tickle Time Sunblock was invented by actress Anne Heche as a way to provide safe, all-natural, easy to apply sunblock for her kids. This mineral powder sunblock only contains 4 ingredients that create a natural barrier to the sun and it's easy-to-use brush applicator allows you to quickly dust on the protection that lasts all day. But beyond children, this tube of powdered sunscreen is brilliant for riders (and all non-riders) because it floats on, rather than needing to be rubbed in, does not leave you looking like a ghost and no matter how hot or sweaty you get it never melts, separates of devolves. You can leave in a hot car, beach bag or tack room and easily swipe it on as you head to the ring for a ride.

Just The Facts:

1. Tickle Time doesn't contain any FD&C dyes, oils, fragrance, talc, alcohol, parabens, cornstarch, or other chemicals. This product acts as a natural barrier on the skin. It's a product that is not absorbed into the skin.

2. Tickle Time provides complete UVA/UVB protection from the sun and the environment.

3. Soothing and calming, Tickle Time can be used on rash-prone skin, eczema, allergy-prone skin (with a near-zero allergy rate), and sensitive skin. This pure mineral sunblock naturally keeps the skin cool, and reduces perspiration on the skin. Tickle Time doesn't irritate like chemical sunscreens do.

4. Available online at

Candy Colored Lips

Bite Beauty (a perennial fave of mine) has created a limited-edition collection of vibrant lipsticks that was inspired by the bold lips spotted on the spring runways and brightly colored French pastilles candies. 

These four colors impart a rich, velvety, matte finish that gives you decisive colors for hours. Unlike other matte lipsticks, which can be drying, Bite has added organic fruit butters to create a creamy texture that conditions and nourishes lips with every use, while antioxidant-rich Resveratrol fights free radicals and helps reduce the appearance of lines. 

Wear now to combat a cold, gray day by adding a healthy dose of brightly colored cheer and later to celebrate the arrival of spring. Available at

Tips For Wearing A Bold, Matte Lipstick:

Prep Work: Matte, bright colors can emphasize dry, lined lips so start by exfoliating your lips with a lip scrub or warm washcloth. Then follow with a light layer of a colorless lip balm.

Lay The Foundation: All lipsticks wear off over time but help seal the color by applying a layer of lip stain or use a lip pencil to lightly line and fill in your lips. Try to match, as close as possible, the color of the stain or pencil to the lipstick.

Blot, Repeat: Start building the lipstick color slowly on your lips. Apply a light layer then blot with a tissue and repeat, blotting between each application, until you get the desired effect of color.

Finish It Off: Add a small line of concealer along the edges of your lips to keep the color in place. Don't forget to avoid getting lipstick on your teeth by using this simple trick: after applying, put your finger in your mouth, purse your lips around it, then slowly pull it out to remove excess color.

Keep Things Simple: When wearing a bold lip keep the rest of your makeup simple, no smokey eyes or heavy bronzers. Think fresh, dewy skin, dark glossy lashes, a thin line of eyeliner and soft pink cheeks. Let your lips do the talking!

Dynamic Duo

I learned a long time ago I would never find the perfect mascara and have taken to layering two formulas at once to create the perfect lashes. My current dynamic duo is Maybelline's Volum' Express One by One in Blackest Black and Lancome's Hypnose Star. Alone their just okay, Maybelline's lacks lengthening and curling while Lancome's lacks volume, but together they are dynamic - creating long, lush, defined, curled lashes. Plus, both formulas hold up wonderfully to a full day at work and in the barn, no smudging or flaking. In a word, perfection!

Maybelline's Volum' Express One by One catches, coats and de-clumps each lash making them fatter and flirtier creating instant clump-free volume. Available at your local drugstore, Target stores and online at

Lacome Hypnose Star's "black diamond effect" imparts a glossy, gel-like finish and it's dual-action brush has a flat side for optimizing product deposit at the lash line while the rounded side separates, defines, curls and lengthens. Available at department stores that sell Lancome and at

When applying start with Maybelline's Volum' Express and then finish off with a few coats of Lancome Hypnose Star. Use both in succession quickly while your lashes are still damp to allow the formulas to blend and glide easily.

Bite Beauty and Other Bits

I am a lipstick girl thru and thru, can't leave the house without it. I've never met a lipstick or lipstick color that I don't like; they all serve some purpose or another and often work as the cheapest and easiest pick-me-up. Try it next time you are having a down day - slather your lips in an exotic shade of berry, red or fuchsia and you will instantly look better, feel better, smile more and hold your head a little higher. Buying a new lipstick will also give you an instant and relatively inexpensive shopping high that can lift your spirits.

I am always excited to try new lipstick brands, styles and colors and recently discovered Bite Beauty's delectable selection. Bite Beauty differs from other lipstick companies by creating hydrating formulas that contain food-grade ingredients. They avoid using petroleum by-products and synthetic chemicals, strictly using only nourishing, restorative and antioxidant ingredients.

Each Bite bullet is handcrafted without compromise and made in small batches to preserve the hydrating benefits of organic oils, fruit butters, and bioactives—for beauty that’s truly better for you. 

I highly recommend the Lush Lip Tint. It is infused with argan oil, vitamin E and fruit butters as well as having a middle that contains resveratrol, a double dose of antioxidants found in red wine. It imparts a nice hit of moisturizing color that keeps lips from drying out in the harsh winter wind. Think of it as the healthier, more glamorous alternative to chapstick. Available at

Lipstick goes on easier and lasts longer when your lips are soft and smooth, which is hard to maintain in the winter. This little gem, that my husband slipped in my stocking at Christmas, is a lip life saver. It exfoliates with brown sugar crystals and moisturizes with oils and shea butter for lip smacking perfection. Fresh Sugar Lip Scrub available at

In other beauty news, I saw this guide on Pinterest and thought it was too good not to share:


My best friend is a small animal veterinarian, but when she isn't taking care of animals, she is quite the beauty aficionado. It is due to her love of all things beauty that usually gets me excited for my birthday and Christmas because she always gifts me some of her fave beauty products. Let me tell you, she has never failed me, each item more delectable than the next. 

This year she didn't disappoint, as I was extremely lucky to get a tub of Josie Maran's Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter in Vanilla Apricot. Doesn't the name alone sounds marvelous? I have long been a fan of Josie Maran's all natural, no bad chemicals or animal testing philosophy when it comes to cosmetics as well as her use of Argan Oil. So, I was literally salivating when I unscrewed the lid and slathered this velvety, lightweight, hydrating body butter on to my winter parched skin. It sinks in quickly, leaving nothing behind but super soft skin and a subtle scent of vanilla apricot. It banishes that tight, itchy skin that winter often brings as well as continually improving your skin's texture. I use it daily after a hot shower and slather a little extra dollop on my parched hands after a day in the barn. 

Available in Vanilla Apricot and Sweet Citrus for $35 at Josie Maran Cosmetics. Go get a tub or two, your skin will thank you!