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Spring Top To Bottom

It's officially spring, but March can be tricky to navigate sartorially-speaking. Winter is not always ready to release it's icy grip and it just feels off to be wearing dark, heavy colors and thick fabrics in late March. In order to combat this I always try to add some great spring-like jackets to my arsenal. I look for bright colors in timeless silhouettes, (think longer day coats and the ever timeless trench), that can easily be thrown over lightweight spring tops and ankle length pants. They still provide warmth but don't look so winter-ish. 

This cheery yellow coat from Zara ticks all the boxes for the perfect spring topper. It's simple yet sharp styling adds structure and polish while delivering a bright punch of color. I would wear it with everything from boyfriend jeans to skinny ankle pants layered over a simple white long-sleeve tee.

Another great piece to help combat spring's fickle weather is a leather jacket in white, cream or tan. A leather jacket can easily add warmth by being thrown over lightweight spring tanks and dresses. It's inherent edgy style also toughens up sweet spring pastels and florals that look out of place on a cold, gray day. Invest in a really good one and you will wear it for years to come. I have white butter-soft leather jacket from Banana Republic that I have owned for 7 plus years and wore it over a flowy Clover Canyon tank and skinny black ankle pants this weekend when the temps dipped down.

I am absolutely in love with this nude leather Muubaa jacket. Can you just see it thrown over a white tank and white jeans?

This cream leather June jacket with the fold-over or fold-up collar would also be the perfect timeless piece that you can wear all spring, fall or winter.

What to wear on your feet can also be a bit tricky in early spring. It seems too early to wear full-blown sandals and flip flops and knee-high boots can look too heavy. I stick with ballet flats in fun colors and bust out my my wedges. If the weather is really bad and you need boots to combat the cold and wet, switch out your winter boots for a pair of rubber wellies in a bright color (Hunter and Joules are my faves).

I am in love with the Stuart Weitzman Corkswoon Wedge. It comes in a dark navy suede and a woven metallic pyrite gold/gray color. Both colors will work wonderfully with all shades of denim including white. They instantly add polish and look springy but the closed toe still looks appropriate for cooler days. Did I mention they are also extremely comfortable and a favorite of the Duchess of Cambridge?

Micro-Trend: Skinnies and Sneakers

Thru my addiction to fashion blogs and pinterest as well as a keen eye honed for spotting trends while owning my clothing store, I tend to notice small patterns or micro trends among the posts and pins.

 One that has caught my attention recently and am so excited about is the mixing of skinny (usually ankle length) pants/jeans paired with flat sneakers. I love this look first and foremost because it is comfortable. Plus, it looks fresh and chic with a sporty twist. The key to getting this look right is to make sure your pants are very skinny and fitted at the ankles and you show a little skin (you can roll full length pants to get the right length needed). Your sneakers also need to be more of a flat, casual sneaker as opposed to a sneaker you would work out in; they need to have a fashion vibe. Look for brands like Superga, Converse, Vans and New Balance.  In order to keep this look from veering from cute to sloppy, you must wear dressier pieces on top (no baggy printed tees or hoodies or workout looking tops). Keep the outfit very similar to what you would normally wear with flats or boots but instead add sneakers.

Tie One On

I love wearing scarves this time of year. They add interest to my basic tops and sweaters which seem a bit boring after being worn all winter. Plus, they help keep you warm and toasty. These super-soft, cotton jersey scarves are made even cuter embellished with horse prints. They are available in a variety of colors and seem to be extra long in length. Available for $21.95 from Zazzle.

Customize- Boots for Wide Legs to Narrow Legs

It is finally boot season! I love wearing knee-high boots and am currently loving the over-knee length that is hot this season, but finding boots that are wide enough for my apparently bigger than "normal" calves can be frustrating. However, if you have the same struggle I do then you will be delighted with an amazing new boot company I discovered called DUO. DUO is a british company that began in the 1970's and currently makes boots is 21 different calf sizes (from narrow 11 inches to wide 19 plus inches). They have an extensive range of styles from great fashion basics to super hot trendy styles. Once you pick the style you love, take a few moments to measure your calves using their trusty "how to measure video" and then choose the calf width that best fits you. All boots available at

I stumbled upon DUO while on the hunt for a pair of suede over-the-kneee boots in a wider calf (which let me tell you is virtually impossible to find) and this is the pair I found and ordered.

The Vespa:

There are so many styles I am in love with on their site but here are a few of my faves. (This is just a sampling of their knee-high and higher boots, don't even get me started on their ankle boots.)

Seriously, how fun would these last two styles be for a holiday party!

Round Up

Whew! What a week it has been! A short week (thanks to Labor Day) still felt like a loooong week. I am back to blogging after a short break and kicked it off with this great DIY bit/scarf belt.

On the horse front, I took my 4 year old quarter horse Tyler to a horse trainer to finish his education and my worrying mother instincts have gone into high gear even though I know he is in good hands. I can totally sympathize with all the moms out there who sent their kindergarteners to school for the first time. I brought him home from another trainer in mid-June and let him have a bit of break thru July and August and now it is back to work fixing his lope (the other trainer seriously messed it up) and learning to do horsemanship and trail. I will keep you posted on his progress! My retired hunt seat gelding Woody pulled his suspensory ligament playing in his turnout pen and so I have spent all week playing nurse with him and will blog next week about the amazing ice boot and anti-inflammatory cream I have been using. I also started getting serious about getting my two year old Scout ready to go to the APHA World Show in showmanship after taking a break thru the summer.

Summer has also decided to set up shop and stay awhile and I am desperately wanting cooler fall-like temps! I catch my self dreaming of cashmere sweaters and suede booties!

Here are a few of my fave things I saw and loved this week:

A great video on the proper way to pull off a horse shoe (an absolute necessity for any horse owner).

This pair of Rag & Bone booties and this pair of Hunter x Rag & Bone rubber short boots.

Chico's So Slimming Denim Leggings (they look and feel great, perfect to wear with boots and comfortable enough to ride in).

New York Fashion Week kicked off this week and NY Mag is my fave spot to view all the runway shows.

Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes with Cool Whip Frosting (I am so in the mood for pumpkin desserts).

Happy Reading and Happy Weekend!

Belt It Out

I saw this bit and scarf belt on Pinterest and knew I had to re-create this equestrian chic look. It's super easy and adds visual interest to everything from a long cardigan sweater to a crisp button-down tunic. Pair with jeans, breeches or leggings. Mix and match different colored, patterned and length of scarves to create different looks.

How To: All you need is a snaffle bit and a longer length scarf.

Step 1: Feed one end of the scarf thru one side of the bit and lay against your side.

Step 2: Wrap one end of the scarf around the front of your waist to your back and side and feed thru and around the second end of the bit.

Step 3: Pull the scarf back around your back and tie with the tail from the first fed thru section.

Finished Product:

You can really use any kind of snaffle bit, new or used. I used an Hermes D-Ring Snaffle that my husband brought back from a trip to NYC and have never been able to bring my self to use it and get it scratched up and dirty.

Riding High - The Best Riding Jeans

I am back from a short blogging hiatus that I took to spend some time working on a fiction book that has been floating around my head! In that short time I also had the opportunity to bring my new horse home from the trainer in Texas to a trainer close to home. Since I bought my horse, Tyler, in January I have probably spent a total of 2 hours with him. Needless to say, I am glad to have him close to me!

With his close proximity also comes the ability to get back to riding on a regular basis and since my last horse was strictly english and my new horse is strictly western I have had to switch from breeches and riding tights to jeans. Thru a system of trial and error and many hours spent online researching as well as in the dressing room trying on jeans, I have found the perfect riding jeans! 

The first pair is an old favorite of mine, Joe's Jeans Honey. I discovered Joe's Jeans when they first started during a market trip. I was the first store in Oklahoma to carry Joe's and they became an instant success with their variety of different, amazing fits. The Honey (booty/curvy fit) have a higher rise in the back that accommodates curves as well as making them perfect for riding. They are also cut a tad more generous in the thighs so you don't get pinched when sitting in the saddle. They are made from soft, stretchy denim with a slight bootcut that easily fits over cowboy boots and their extra long length is the perfect length for riding. Add to that, they come in flattering dark rinses, look amazing on and are super stylish. Available at Zappos and Joe's Jeans.

My other pair of go-to riding jeans comes from the legendary western denim maker Wrangler. I decided to give these a try after a repeated search for "the best riding jeans" kept coming up with the Q Baby Cowboy Cut Ultimate Riding Jean. Now, being a bit of a fashionista and designer denim snob I was leery or trying something from Wrangler but I bit the bullet and I can honestly say I love them! Besides the fact that they look great on, they are the ultimate riding jean. Designed specifically for riding with the input from riders, they nailed it. They, like the Honey, have a mid-rise in the front and a higher rise in the back that prevents gaping, holds you in and stays put while riding. Their flat seams never rub while riding and their cotton to spandex ratio makes them oh so comfortable allowing you great flexibility. I am fond of the Dark Dynasty color because it makes them look high-end. Available at Wrangler.

My new baby Tyler:

Happy Weekend

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Workhorse Jewelry

I am currently obsessed with everything from artisan jewelry maker Workhorse. Each piece is delicate yet powerful and make a statement when layered together. Drawing from the vintage inspired world of archives they unearth antiques and transform them into modern, provocative pieces intended to act as the "workhorses" in your jewelry box. Each piece is hand-made with love and have a rustic, western, victorian vibe that will appeal to the romantic cowgirl in us all.

Available at

I literally want every piece in this picture!

Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings Oh My!

Fun Fact: The horseshoe necklace above has a really cool hidden message. Victorians adored sending hidden messages to their loved ones in the gifts they gave. Acrostic jewelry, where the first letter of each gemstone spelled out a particular term of endearment, was one way they accomplished this clandestine task. Spoiler alert...This little beauty spells out "dearest".