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I don't write many posts about home design because I feel there are so many great design blogs out there, not to mention Pinterest and Houzz. However, my husband and I are in the process of building a house and I feel like I have a lot of "house stuff" on the brain and will from time to time share with you some of my more unique finds. Today I am sharing one of the coolest inventions I have ever seen, it can totally re-vamp and revolutionize a space with simple diy installation.

As a barn girl I love the look of weathered wood and my husband and I have talked about installing a weathered wood wall in our bedroom behind our bed. Ordinarily that would be a huge project, build a frame, find a gazillion pieces of weathered wood, cut each to piece to size, install and sand (I am tired just thinking about it). Well, thanks to Stikwood you can now buy thin planks of solid real wood that just stick on the wall. Each plank has strips of heavy duty adhesive that make it easy to peel and stick to create a stunning wood wall. Stikwood comes in a variety of styles and colors from contemporary to rustic. Sheer brilliance! Available at

Vintage Resurrection

My sister-in-law recently discovered an amazing talent for re-finishing and re-painting furniture. Each piece she creates is a useable piece of art that breathes new life into older, dated or boring furniture. I recently had her work on a honey-colored wood, tall dresser that I used in college but now resides in my guest bedroom. I was inspired by a chevron pattern that she had used on a number of other pieces and decided on that pattern in a slightly distressed cream and tan combo. Needless to say, the finished product is stunning and instantly dresses up my guest bedroom. She was kind enough to take pictures along the way so I could show you the various steps involved. 

You can check out her work and/or contact her on her Facebook page, Vintage Resurrection

My dresser before:

Her first step was to remove all the drawers pulls and fill the holes in with wood putty. Then she used Simple Green and gave the dresser a good cleaning.

Step 2: Then the whole dresser was painted with CeCe Caldwell's Vintage White Paint. CeCe Caldwell's paint is non-toxic and self-priming, which essentially means it's awesome! Good for you and the environment as well as does not require you to strip the furniture beforehand, you just paint over it.

Step 3: The dresser was then taped off to form the chevron pattern and painted with the opposing color of Young Kansas Wheat.

Step 4: Tape was removed after the paint was dry and then moved to it's new home! I still need to add drawer pulls but for now I like the seamless look and may forgo the drawer pulls.

My dresser after:

Reiko Kaneko

I collect lipsticks and serveware (ie plates, mugs, platters, cups). Don't know why, but I am just drawn to unique pieces to add to my kitchen cabinets. I am currently coveting pretty much everything from British-Japanese designer Reiko Kaneko. 

Reiko Kaneko brings whimsy and modern styling to the stuffy world of fine bone china, creating unique pieces that will be instant conversation starters with dinner guests or make a fun gift. My obsession started with her lip tease mugs and then went to her drip tease mugs followed by sheer joy at discovering her adorable jumpy horse mug. Anyone who can use an equestrian theme this well gains my stamp of approval. Add a little whimsy to your kitchen at Reiko Kaneko.

Lipstick marks and drip stains are turned into a cheeky decorative feature:

Using the physical shape of the mug as a playground, the handles become part of the game to jump through and over.

I also love the Echo Dog Bowl with the dogs sweet nose peeking up from the bottom of the bowl.

Here is a sampling of all her amazing pieces:

Bring The Outside In

Bring your love of horses into your home with equestrian themed decor. Equestrian themed decor has long held a place in the interior decorating world lending a rich, old-world and luxurious feel to any room. Here are some stunning examples of how you can bring your love of horses into your own home.

Vintage horse racing pictures used to decorate the walls:

Vintage Horse Racing Pictures in a re-furbished barn

Framed Equestrian Scarves As Wall Art

equestrian style living room

Equestrian style at it's finest!

Decorating With Ribbons and Trophies

Giant horse painting

Saddles In The House